About Us

Welcome to My Pet World - a website dedicated to all things pets.

We started over 2 years ago as an online store, today we are still actively selling online and have ventured into two physical stores for the curious shoppers, because we belief that being able to touch and feel a product cements our confidence on the purchase, plus sometimes it's nice just being able to take your pet out for a little retail therapy, in our stores pets are always welcome to try outfits, collars, sample treats and a much more.

No surprise our passion and love for animals grew even more over this period, so we expanded to include services for our beloved 4 legged friends. Your pet can now enjoy washing, grooming, walking and minding services provided by a professional but friendly team. As well we've expanded our range now to include products for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. We'll have the fish range sometime soon. So be sure to keep an eye out for

Lucy, our store manager at the Darlinghurst boutique is a qualified animal carer. Her passion for animals is evident and her ability to connect with pets and owners is noted from the recommendations on our Facebook page.

Finally, we're glad to announce we have slowly broken down the barrier in our local community and learned more about people with different cultures, ideas, hopes and aspirations, something that we had hope to do and a concept that was introduced through our parent company Shrink My World.

That’s a little about us and we hope you find this journey as exciting and rewarding as we have in developing My Pet World an arm to Shrink My World.